About Fencing

LionHeart Academy is a club dedicated to training people of all ages the art of modern swordplay. One of the original modern Olympic sports, fencing is experiencing a renaissance in the United States. The sport is steeped in the traditions of Chivalry and provides the perfect arena for both physical and character development. It is booming in San Diego, with organized scholastic leagues at both middle and high school levels. Students who previously avoided traditional team sports have found an exciting alternative in this ancient art. The sport teaches mental fortitude, agility, lightening fast hand-eye coordination. It encourages the focus of martial combat and a high degree of tactical thinking. It is also extremely safe and dynamic.

Thrusting, parrying, blade-work and footwork are the center of our teaching efforts. The tenets of safety, dignity, respect, and self-control are reinforced throughout every session. LionHeart athletes are expected to display integrity in every aspect of their daily lives. LionHeart classes focus on foil and epee. Both are thrusting weapons with a unique set of rules. Classes are run by Stuart Lee, San Diego’s only Fencing Master certified by the British Academy of Fencing. All coaches are certified by the US Fencing Coaches Association.

Our programs include group classes, private lessons, camps and parties. Sign up for classes today!