A Unique Educational Enrichment Program

If you are looking for a unique educational enrichment program for your homeschooled child, then look no further than LionHeart Academy! Keep reading to learn more about the amazing home school programs we are launching in January 2024. Please note that our programs are designed for children 9-17 years old. To register your child follow the schedule link below.

Chess: Unlock the secrets of the chessboard with Luke Neyndorff, a seasoned Class “A” Chess Player and former Helix High Chess Coach, as he brings over 50 years of passion and expertise to our exclusive chess class tailored for ages 9 through 17! Our classes go beyond the basics, offering a dynamic curriculum that challenges and inspires students to elevate their chess prowess. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the fundamentals or an experienced player aiming to enhance your strategic finesse, Luke Neyndorff’s class provides a stimulating environment for growth and achievement. Join us every Monday From 2:30-4PM

Cardio Drumming & Archery: Unleash the archer within with Lee Taylor! This class offers a dynamic blend of archery mastery and general physical education. A former NCAA athlete and with a degree in Physical Education, Coach Lee brings expertise and enthusiasm to every session, creating an engaging environment for students to discover not just the art of the bow, but a love of fitness. The course includes a varied health experience, where cardio drumming, jump rope, and coordination exercises supplement archery development.

This class is not just about hitting targets; it’s about fostering a love for physical activity, discipline, and the thrill of mastering a bow and arrow. Join us every Tuesday from 2:30-4PM

Fencing: Unleash the spirit of the blade with Maestro Stuart Lee, a foil Fencing Master and former Head Coach of UCSD’s NCAA Fencing program, he brings a lifetime of expertise to our exclusive fencing class designed for ages 9 through 17! Our fencing classes offer a unique blend of tradition and sportsmanship, in an air conditioned, 6,000 sq ft facility designed for teaching fencing and where young bladesmiths can develop their technical skills and strategic prowess. Maestro Lee’s class not only hones physical agility but also nurtures mental fortitude, fostering a holistic approach to personal and social development. Join us every Wednesday from 2:30-4PM

Kenjsutu: Join an immersive class led by the esteemed Instructor, Joshua Shapiro, Ph.D. You will uncover the secrets of discipline and precision as you delve into the rich history of Japanese swordsmanship. Through solo and partner exercises with wooden training weapons, you’ll cultivate balance, coordination, and heightened awareness. Dr. Shapiro’s class provides a supportive environment for students of all levels to develop their skills and appreciation for this timeless martial art. Join us every Thursday from 2:30-4PM

Indoor Sports: Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure with LionHeart Academy’s Indoor Sports class! Join our enthusiastic and experienced staff as they lead you through a dynamic and diverse range of activities, including indoor frisbee, dodgeball, kickball, soccer, and invigorating general fitness routines. You will develop agility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and the social and physical skills needed to establish an active physical lifestyle. Join us every Friday from 2:30-4PM

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