Archery Lessons at LionHeart Academy

Learn the exciting sport of archery at East San Diego’s only indoor range when you sign up for lessons. Students start shooting on their first day with traditional recurve bows and equipment provided by LionHeart Academy. Group activities include games, drills, and target practice. All of our instructors are certified by USA Archery and the National Training System.

We teach valuable lessons in sport safety, self-discipline, and respect for others. Our programs include group classes, private lessons, camps and birthday parties. Shooting indoors means staying warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer! Rain or shine, you can count on us for the perfect place to practice. Ask us about our Junior Olympic Archery Development programs!

About Archery at LionHeart Academy: Archery is a discipline that requires mental and physical strength along with endurance. It teaches patience and an understanding of physics and math, and it also teaches character (trustworthiness, respect, caring, responsibility and citizenship). These are the things that we would like all people to learn and do but that is not always the case – as coaches and instructors we must not stop trying. Archery is not just a bow and arrows – it can be way of better understanding of life.

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Fencing Lessons at LionHeart Academy

En garde! Fencing is a fun and challenging sport that teaches fitness and strategy. Fencers face off in an epic duel, combining technique and tactic to score points on their opponent. To land a touch, a fencer has to make contact with their sword on their opponent’s target area. When a fencer scores five points, they win the match!

Fencing is a safe and exciting sport for ages seven and up. All equipment is provided for the first three months of classes. This way everyone is ready to have fun from the very start. We offer group classes, private lessons, camps, and competitions. Our classes are rolling-admission, so you can start at any time. Schedule your first visit below!

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Medieval Sword

Medieval Sword Classes

Important Update

All in-person Medieval Sword classes are currently on hiatus until further notice. The Medieval Sword team is working on ways to keep students engaged and active with the option of distance learning using video, assignments and virtual lessons. For more information, please contact Scott Farrel at (619) 742-2315. 

Have you ever wondered what life was like for the knights of old? Scott Farrell of Chivalry Today presents a weekly workshop designed to give students an opportunity to discover, and eventually master, the surprisingly complex practice of medieval sword fighting. Lessons are drawn directly from historical source material – the fight-books or “manuals of defense” from the 14th and 15th centuries. This program lets you experience the skills of a real medieval knight training for battle, duel, or tournament.

The focus of Swords of Chivalry is not just on physical skill, but also on the values of self-discipline, respect, trust, sportsmanship, and honor – the values of the code of chivalry! Whether you want to learn to cross swords and spar with fellow students, or just get a low-impact workout through the range-of-motion physical techniques of the art of defense (it’s like yoga with a sword). Classes for adults and youth (10 years old minimum) are held weekly! Youth instruction begins at 4:30 pm, adult at 6:00 pm.

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