Parties @ LionHeart: Unforgettable!

parties for kids at lionheart academy

We do weekend birthday parties for all ages! You can book an exciting fencing or archery themed event by contacting us at (619) 462-2027.

Our awesome events last 90 minutes and include warm-up, games and real fencing/archery!

$200 for 4-7 participants
$275 for 8-15 participants

Our exciting and engaging parties include group activities that keep everyone on their feet and having fun. Designed for all ages, these exercises are focused on trying real fencing or archery with friends, so bring them all! Activities include sport orientation and many games. Parents are encouraged to bring snacks and refreshments.

Learn more about our sports:

Fencing: the art of modern swordplay. Athletes face each other along a strip and battle for the winning touch.

Archery : athletes practice to land the perfect hit. Bullseye!

Medieval Sword: This program teaches authentic medieval-style long swords combat.