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We are San Diego’s premier indoor archery range and fencing club. Our programs offer athletes of all ages the chance to master three unique sports while learning important lessons in discipline and self control. You can experience the thrill of modern sport fencing, master the art of medieval swordplay, or learn to hit a bulls-eye with a bow and arrow. We have a certified team of instructors, and our teaching approach combines the joy of play with a competitive drive to succeed.
LionHeart Academy offers fencing classes for all ages and levels of ability. Our facility is home to East San Diego’s only indoor archery range, with archery classes and range time available year-round. Register today!

Thanks to our indoor facility, our awesome sports are available independent of the weather. That means you can enjoy fencing, archery and medieval sword year-round. Rain or shine! Classes are scheduled regularly; there is no need to wait for sign-up dates. Just come on over and start a new activity at the convenience of your schedule.

Our courses are available to all athletes – beginner to nationally ranked. If you are interested in joining a lifelong sport that offers competitive opportunities at every age and level, then LionHeart is perfect for you. Our fencing program is at the forefront of the competitive community in San Diego. We participate in local events year-round, and we host competitions too! Our competitive team of fencers is dedicated to self-improvement and proudly represents our club at events across the US. Our archery program includes JOAD, or Junior Olympic Archery Development. This program recognizes achievement and motivates archers to progress and improve. We encourage our team to participate in tournaments.

Our sports are also available for recreation. If you also find joy in practicing for fun and learning, then you are welcome at LionHeart Academy.

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